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Today the problem of hair fall has become a very serious cause of distress. Due to industrialization and urbanization problem of hair fall has spread to large area because of smoke emission from the factories our environment has become polluted which in turn adversely cause to the problem of hair fall in many people. Other reasons which cause hair fall are distress, intake spicy foods, dust, and use of soaps with more soda in it.

Cause of Hair fall:-

Although environmental pollution is the root cause of hair fall but there are many other factors are also responsible which lead hair fall in acute manner like use of more soaps , shampoo etc. To look smart and get shiny hair use of soaps and shampoo is in increasing trend and which has lead to the problem of hair fall in the society.

Oily superstition:-

It would be popping in your mind why It’s oily superstition and what is meant for, actually this is a term which exactly fit to wrong belief of most people in India that use of oil is good for their hair however it is absolutely wrong as use of oil in your hair attract more dust which stick to our head and block the hair follicle ultimately lead to hair fall as in due to blockage of our follicle air does not reach to our hair root and then it’s become weak.In many western countries people don’t use oil in hair only we Indians and some other middle east nation people use oil in wrong belief of hair nourishment which is not true at all.

However a person may eliminate his or her hair fall by following below given simple steps.

1. Always remember not to use oil in your hair.
2. Keep your hair dust free.
3. Wear cap while going to dust Zone.
4. Try to avoid dandruff by keeping your hair clean all the time.
5. Avoid castic soda soap.

Treatment :-

By doing all above mentioned steps one may eliminate his or her hair fall but if he or she has tired of doing all and has get nothing then you guys must come to us at Sheikh clinic where latest technology are used to get your problem fixed. We provide best quality hair gel and other herbal medicine to help you.treatment like hair transplant is also available at our clinic.

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