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What If you desirous of running but can’t even move easily? What if you want to play with your kids but can’t to that ? Yes a problem which has marked a question marked in the society is a problem of joint pain this problem has spread so far that every age group people of all kind of society is not out of touch of it whether Rich or poor , Men and women and even kids are affected by this problem of joint pain problem.

The problem of Joint pain are due to people own changing habits as in today time people have become lazy and their working is also like which can’t let them do any physical exercise and due to this they are more prone to have joint pain , knee pain and other joint disorder. In today time people don’t care of their health they have indulged in making money so deeply which in turn has pushed their life into blind alley , secondly if we talk about people food habits which is also a cause of joint pain as now a day’s one it has been seen people using refined oil instead of regular oils in fear of their weight gain and due to this required amount of oil don’t reach to joints of the person needed to move them easily and if it does happen in long run may cause joint pain. Besides this one there are many other environmental and other factors responsible for joint pain.

Treatment :-

However permanent treatment is not available for joint pain but if treated at early stage can be diagnosed with the help of medicine and herbal oils, people who has experienced join pain can fix it by changing their eating habits also. Treatments may also include joint replacement surgery for severely damaged joints. At Amar clinic all above treatment are available but first we try to resolve it by our herbal oils and physic therapy. Although if the problem is too serious where not only pain prevails but people can’t move a bit we operate by replacing their joint with latest technologies. Best quality of oils made with the blend of various herbs are available with us so you can get it from our clinic stores as it is 100% herbal so there is nothing to worry about its side effects.

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