Piles or Hemorrhoids Treatment

Hemorrhoids is very dangerous disease, It is commonly known as Piles. At the early stage Piles are not so painful and can be cured easily if right treatment given to patients. But in many cases when it becomes a disease proves more painful to people affected with it. In the recent time people are more likely to be affected with piles due to their eating habits, people who intake more spicy food are 20 to 30 percent more prone of having Piles. Now a days it has been seen that people around the world have no control over their dietary they just for their taste consume more spice than required as per body needs and because of this high spice consumption they get affected with piles which create many problem for them ,specially while defecating.

Causes of Piles:-

As per the theories available around the world there are many cause of this painful Piles but the real cause of it is still known, however majority of theories says the cause of piles are improper digestion of your foods which ultimately leads to this painful diseases. Besides improper digestion other factors are constipation, lack of exercise or no exercise, genetics, obesity, long time sitting and aging.

Signs & Symptoms:-

However signs and symptoms of Piles are not seen in about 40% cases but in many cases if the problem is not bad feeling itching and swollen are some of the signs of Piles. Although serious cases of piles experience bleeding while defecation it happens rarely but are very dangerous and if not cured soon may lead to one death also.

Types of Piles:-

There are two types of Piles a person may experience.
Internal Piles:- which is a swollen of veins inside the rectum.This Piles are usually present with red rectal bleeding during intestine movement.there is itchiness also through anus in internal Piles.This type of Piles are very dangerous and need more care and precaution during treatment.
External Piles:- external piles are very painful as it is outside the rectum but can be cured easily but
Swelling may take a few year to disappear.


Treatment of Piles or Hemorrhoid is possible with physical examination. A visual examination of anus and surroundings are necessary as the detection of it can only be possible by physical examination.however a serious and painful diseases but can be diagnosed with proper medication and treatment. In many cases operation are also necessary to fix the problem of Piles.So there is nothing to be worry about your piles problem as at Dr. Shiekh we have highly experienced doctors who gives you better treatment with ayurveda medicine. Operation facility is also available at our premises with latest technology to fix the problem of Piles 100% positively.so if you are person affected with piles and want to get rid of it please come fast because as early you come as fast you get well soon.

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