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Looking smart and beautiful is desires of all but without good weight it seems something absurd. Gaining weight is hope for many as person with good weight look smart and beautiful. As it is well known facts that good personality is requirement for all . Whether it is about your Job interview and business meeting your good personality always help you get 100 percent result. Good personality always leave impression but all this may happen only if you are a weighty person. A thin person even if he so cute and tall may not look healthy and smart and fails to get optimum result in his life. So having optimum weight is most important to cut out your personality.

Diet to Gain weight:-

Good diet plan must be there if you wish to have good personality. Your diet must be as per your body needs. In case of person with low weight required high protein intake. So a person must includes dry fruits , meat, fish , soyabean and all other dairy product also. Using plenty of sauces and spices is also much helpful as the tastier your foods is , the easier is to eat a lot of it.

Fruits are also very good source to gain weight but not all fruits here banana is very rich in fat. So if you are desires to gain weight with banana then you should take it with milk , you can make banana shake for this purpose which is a tastier one and digestible too.

Exercise is also good thing for you if weight gain is your dream so one must have to give some time to gym also which in turn increase your appetite as the maximum you eat your would gain weight fast and easily.

So guys don’t waste time and make your scheduling for diet to gain weight without hurting your health.

However one may also approach to us in case if he is not benefited even after taking good diet. We at Amar clinic provide good quality treatment for gaining weight, various kinds of appetite therapy is here to arouse hunger in you which ultimately increase your diet to gain weight in you. Our medicine are blend of many rare herbs produced naturally and are 100% pure.

Besides we have highly experienced Dietician to consult your diet plan for your weight gain.

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