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Alcoholism is also called AUD(alcohol use disorder), alcoholism is abuse to society. An alcoholic can not run his family economically. It has been seen that an alcoholic family is always stay in economic crisis. Children of an alcoholic is deprived of schooling and other necessary things .children with a parents or siblings with alcoholism is three to four times more likely to be alcoholic themselves. Many factors are responsible to become a person alcoholic while environmental factor include social , cultural and behavioral influences.

However alcoholism is a person entirely dependence on alcohol but experts has describes it as a mental illness a diseases which need treatment .

There are various estimates available worldwide amongst them as per one estimate of WHO 208 million people with alcoholism worldwide in which 4.1% of population over 15 years of age are affected.

Indication of Alcoholism

The risk of AUD is more attached with young people as they first intake alcohol occasionally but start to increase alcohol volume by the time. A person affected with alcoholism having strong desires to drink alcohol which in turn affect his mental health and make him depend on alcohol entirely.

Treatment of an alcoholic person is not so easy . it’s treatment required not only medicine but moral support too. However we at Amar clinic having good infrastructure to keep such alcoholic patient calm and keep them out of touch from alcohol and their substance. Besides we provide herbal medicine to cure the patients successfully. But one thing for sure is that family support must be there to raise the moral of a patients which ultimately help them to get out of the radius of alcohol dependency.

Responsibility to change:-

It is not only medicine and infrastructure which can cure a AUD person but a social responsibility must be there. A society must have to understand their responsibility toward a AUD person he needs a society and his family support also.

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